Health Ministry:  Health Ministry: The Health Ministry consists of individuals in the medical field who handle medical emergencies during the worship service. They also are actively supporting church activities.

Parking Lot Ministry:  Parking Lot Ministry:  The Parking Lot Ministry has the job of helping our members park their cars during the worship services and other church activities.  With the use of our shuttles, they transport members from various lots to the church.

Security Ministry:  The Security Ministry consists of men and women who are responsible for maintaining the security of our Pastor, his family and our church members in general.  They work in coordination with the Jacksonville  Sheriff’s  Office.  They also play an essential role in security at major events here at the church.

Counseling Ministry:  The Counseling Ministry provides scripture based counseling for members of Shiloh.  We do Premarital Counseling, Family Counseling, Marriage counseling and Individual counseling as needed.  For appointments call the main office at (904)353-8829.

Transportation Ministry:  The Transportation Ministry picks up Seniors for church on Sundays and Wednesdays.  They are also responsible for arranging transportation for Ministry and Districts trips. The Transportation Ministry provides a means of transportation to individuals that need to come to worship in God’s House. The ministry is dedicated to the advancement of Kingdom of God by providing a safe and convenient way for people in the vicinity of the church to attend various church services and functions.

Sundays and Wednesdays for pick up and by request for special occasions.  Call Church Office for more information.

Car Care Ministry: The Car Care Ministry was developed to assist our members with repairing their automobiles on a cost only basis. We do oil changes and minor repairs. The only thing our members pay for is the discounted cost of the parts. The Car Care Ministry has been in operation for over three years, and perform services on an average of 500 cars a year.