hiloh Church desires first and foremost to connect lost people to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. In addition to that we desire to connect you with a local church home where you can “Grow” as a Christian and begin to “Serve” in your community. Our worship arts, and media ministries strive to make every service an opportunity to connect to Jesus Christ. These ministries are always looking for talented people who desire to bring people to the Lord through worship and media.

In the Month of May, Moody Publishers of Chicago released our Pastor’s first book, “It Happens After Prayer”. Pastor Charles’ insight and concern about our prayers to God is known in this book as he breaks down how we can pray, seeking the face of God, and the kind of prayers God answers.
Our members’ support for Pastor Charles book was an overwhelming success.
This book will continue to serve as a guide for biblical motivation and encouragement to the body of Christ to pray without ceasing and pray with great expectations.
Remember, whatever it is you need God to do in your life…..It Happens After Prayer.
What would happen if youth all over Jacksonville combined forces to put on a major event to promote Jesus Christ? The answer: Youth Quake Live. Yes, the movement known as Youth Quake Live gathered at Shiloh with hundreds of youth worshiping Jesus in song, skits, and service. The event opened with a block party led by national recording artist Humble Tip. That night also included a special scholarship presentation from Liberty University, local Christian rap artist Brinson, and concluded with a powerful message from local youth pastor, Blake Appleby. Youth Quake Live was an awesome occasion for our youth to fellowship with students across the city and participate in an event that shook Shiloh for His glory!
To God’s glory our media team made it possible for the Message of Salvation to reach thousands of people in Jacksonville, our country and around the world. Our television broadcast reaches nearly 10,000 people every week. The “Shiloh App” continues to be the best way to keep up with our church right on your apple, android, and now window mobile devices. To date, the “Shiloh App” was downloaded 7,852 times and launched 75,958 times! Have you visited the new Shiloh YouTube channel yet? With 625 subscribers and over 190,000 video views, the Shiloh channel continues to set the pace in getting media to our members around the world. Additionally, each month 15,000 people read our Pastor’s blog articles on life, church, books and preaching at hbcharlesjr.com. We want you to connect to Shiloh through any of these resources. To get more information on this, or to become a part of the media team send an email to
[email protected]
We had our Mid Year Tune-up Worship Service June 29th. We thanked God for His blessings during the first half of the year and thanked Him in advance for His continued blessings through the second half of the year. Our guest preacher was Pastor Romell Williams of the Lilydale Progressive Baptist Church of Chicago, IL.
Our Fall Church Institute, Tuesday, September 24th – Thursday, September 26th, was three evenings of practical instruction, uplifting worship and powerful preaching. The classes, general session and corporate praise made for a great week! Several middle & high schoolers rededicated and gave their lives to Christ during their session; elementary children learned more about loving Jesus and adults walked away from the Bible, Men’s and Women’s classes with far more than ever expected. And worship service . . . WOW! Members and friends, thank you for covering these efforts in believing prayer and we thank God for encountering Christ in a fresh, new and life-changing way.
Holy Week is a special time in the life of our church. Therefore, we honored God through the main events of the Christian Church – Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter. We worshiped with the St. Thomas Missionary Baptist Church. We were blessed during our Noonday Good Friday Worship Service. Our Genesis Choir presented the Easter Production: “Who is Like the Lord?” Pastor Charles also challenged us to participate in our 3-1-6 evangelism strategy (praying for 3 unsaved or unchurched people in our life for 6 straight days during Holy Week, with the goal of bringing 1 person to church with us on Easter). God truly blessed our efforts.
Since our inception two years ago, we have serviced over 517 cars! This service is free of charge to the members of Shiloh. We thank God for the men who volunteer their time and talent to this much needed ministry.
The name, “Impact 180” comes from 2 Corinthians 5:17…Therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. Our goal is to teach and present Jesus in a way that causes youth to turn away from sin and walk in the “newness of life.” Impact 180 is more than a Youth Service – it’s where Youth Serve. The youth are responsible for operating sound, PowerPoint, praise & worship, greeting, announcements, praying (invocation and offering), ushering, reciting the fighter verse(s), giving the welcome and much more. If you or your students would like to serve in Impact 180, Sundays at 10:30 a.m. please email [email protected]
We praise God for bringing us through another year! In this ministry you will find men, women and children worshiping God through singing and the playing of instruments. From Shiloh’s Prayer Emphasis Week to Holy Week; from our first Mass Wedding to our graduation ceremony; from our Church Anniversary to our Pastor’s Anniversary to our Annual Christmas Concert – we enjoy the opportunity to witness through music. We also take the opportunities for practical service very serious. What an honor it always is to participate as a ministry during Make a Difference Day. In addition, we have also experienced staff changes, including the retirement of our Minister of Music, Mr. Roger Sears, and welcoming a new youth director – Mr. Tocorey Johnson. But through it all – we have been blessed to be a blessing, and we look forward to each opportunity to serve.
It Happens After Prayer is not only a book penned by our very own Pastor – H. B. Charles, Jr., – but Prayer was at the heart of all ministry accomplishments of 2013. We began our year with a weeklong noonday prayer service January 13th – 20th. Saints prayed for Kingdom matters, Shiloh and personal concerns. We ended this week with our annual “All Night Prayer Service” (Friday evening – Saturday morning). John Bunyan once said “you can do more than pray after you have prayed, but you cannot do more than pray until you have prayed.”
The Evangelism/SWAT (Soul Winning Action Team) took the gospel of Jesus Christ to more than 600 homes and shared the gospel with over 300 people in 2013. Lives are being transformed as the team continues to present the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ’s mission is our mission…“For the son of man came to seek and save that which was lost.” Luke 19:10

And the master said to the servant, ‘Go out to the highways and hedges and compel people to come in, that my house may be filled. Luke 14:23